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Hydrogen Refuelling

H2 Energy is a provider of cost effective mobile and permanent hydrogen refuelling capability for the new generation of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric heavy transport and passenger vehicles in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

We provide the refuelling link between green hydrogen producers and end user fleet customers. 

Our zero emissions green hydrogen is produced using water and renewable electricity sourced by our producers from wind and solar. 

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Forward thinking

Zero Emissions

Our customers wish to start replacing their diesel vehicle fleets with zero emissions Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

They are the owners and operators of passenger bus and truck fleets, refuse trucks, forklift trucks, air and port based cargo handling equipment.  They want clean zero emissions transport with long term secure fuel supplies at competitive prices.

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Pathway to hydrogen

Trials and Fleet Deployments

In conjunction with local and international manufacturers,  H2 Energy is offering trials of heavy duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.  We will supply and install mobile refuelling equipment (“H2 Energy Bowsers”) for back to base duty cycle trials and permanent H2 Energy Bowsers for long term fleet deployments.  H2 Energy will manage initial and long term green hydrogen supplies, transport logistics and provide operational support and training.

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Please feel free to contact one of our Directors below to discuss how H2 Energy can meet your zero emissions transport energy needs.

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